proXPN 2.2.x Mac Installation

A step by step tutorial for installation of the proXPN client for macintosh OS X 10.5 and later.

Install the proXPN Mac App

Drag the proXPN icon into your Applications folder.

Confirm that you want to proceed

The usual mac warning about installing something downloaded from the internet. Click "Open" to proceed.

Your mac wants another confirmation

This time, your mac is asking you to provide your mac admin login - this is your mac username and password, not your proXPN login.

Installation complete!

Notice the red lock icon in the menubar - when you click on this, you'll see a menu of items. Select "Connect" to proceed.

Your mac really likes those confirmation screens . . .

Here it is again. The mac user/pass prompt. This is your mac asking you if you really want to to make some changes to the proXPN configuration file. Click "OK" here.

The proXPN Login Screen

Finally! Here you want to enter the email and password that you signed up at proXPN with. You can also save this login in your mac keychain. Once you're ready, click "OK" here.

Yeay, we're connected!

Once the lock icon turns green, you're now surfing safe & secure, courtesy of proXPN. Enjoy! :)